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Our Clients

our clients

Our client base include customers from different fields, to list a few:

ƒ   -Embassies of Qatar, UK, France, Canada, Switzerland, Ethiopia,      Kenya and Italy
ƒ   -JTI Cigarettes  and  Tobacco  Factory
ƒ   -Pasgianos  Food & Beverage Company Ltd.
ƒ   -Haggar Limited.
ƒ   -Haggar Holding Company Ltd.
ƒ   -SudaSat.
ƒ   -Coldair Engineering Company Ltd.
ƒ   -Dynamic International Oil Well Services.
ƒ   -Haggar Foundation
ƒ   -Haggar Holding Company Ltd (Juba)
ƒ   -Global Sourcing & Supply Services Company Ltd.
ƒ   -Cedar Group
ƒ   -Sudanese  French  Bank  ( SFB )
ƒ   -United  Nations  Development  Program ( UNDP )
ƒ   -M.S.F. ( Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland)
ƒ   -Al Khaleej  National  Flour  Mills
ƒ   -STAR Oil Company.
ƒ   -Petroneeds International Services Company
ƒ   -Greater Nile Pertrolem operating Company ( GNPOC )
ƒ   -Petro – Energy  E & P  Company  Ltd.
ƒ   -Al Takamol Cement Company Ltd.
ƒ   -African Union Mission In Sudan ( AMIS )
ƒ   -Atlas Automotive Ltd.
ƒ   -M.T.N Telecommunication, SUDAN
ƒ   -Zain Telecommunication Company, Sudan
ƒ   -Concorp Petroleum Company Ltd.
ƒ   -Badr Aviation.

    Our  major Aviation Clients  are :

•  Nova  Air

•  Sky One FZE

•  United Nations.